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The Questions

1)      Should we support Americaís war on terrorism?

2)      When did you know about the September 11 attacks?

3)      How did you find out about it?

4)      What was your reaction to the attacks?

5)      What should happen to the terrorists?

6)      Did you watch the TV specials on it for the 1st year anniversary of the September 11 attacks?

7)      Where were you when the attacks happened?

8)      Did you know anyone who lives in New York that saw the attacks?

9)     What was your reaction to the Bali bombings?

     10) Did you know anyone affected by it?


  1. I donít think we should.
  2. umÖ.. I was watching T.V when it happened.
  3. I was watching T.V at the time of the attacks.
  4. umÖ.. I didnít really think that much of it because I didnít really know what the Trade Centres were.
  5. I think the terrorists.
  6. umÖ. I watched a little bit of it.
  7. I was in the kitchen cleaning my bearings.
  8. know I do not know any one.
  9. umÖ. I didnít really make that much of a fuss about it.

 10.    know I did not know anyone that was affected by it.