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February 26, 1993   (New York City)

Group Responsible: Islamic extremist groups which Salameh, Ajaj, Abuhalima, Ayyad, Ismoil and Yousef were all connected.
Synopsis: For approximately two months prior to the bombing the conspirators gathered materials needed for the terrorist act. They resided in New Jersey and apparently rented storage space that was used as a staging area for the bomb and subsequent loading of it into a Ryder rental van. The terrorists drove the 1,500-pound urea-nitrate bomb into the basement area of the World Trade Center and then set the timer and left. The explosion rocked the World Trade Center killing six people and injuring over a thousand others. These criminals dawned a new age in terrorism, the wholesale attack on civilians with the desire to inflict as much damage as possible. The men that committed this heinous crime have been linked to several terrorist groups including the Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Sudanese National Islamic Front.
America's Response: On March 4, 1994 a jury found Salameh, Ajaj, Abuhalima and Ayyad guilty of the World Trade Center bombing. They were all sentenced to 240 years in prison. However, the masterminds were not caught until later. Eyad Ismoil and Ramzi Yousef were convicted of murder and conspiracy in the World Trade Center bombing. Prosecuters believe Eyad helped Ramzi load the bomb into the truck and then drive it to the World Trade Center basement and park the vehicle. Eyad was sentenced to 240 years in prison and ordered to pay a 10 million dollar fine. Yousef received life in prison plus 240 years and a 4.5 million dollar fine. He was also ordered to pay 250 million dollars in restitution. The fines were given to insure that these men would never profit from their actions. Further, the judge recommended that Yousef spend his sentence in solitary confinement. Federal prosecutors are still looking for Adul Rahmin Yasin in connection with the bombing. He is believed to have fled to Iraq.