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August 7, 1998   (Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania )

Group Responsible

  The main suspect is Osama Bin Laden, the head of a network of terrorists


A coordinated attack was made on two US embassies in the countries of Kenya and Tanzania. In the country of Tanzania, authorities believe that a bomb was planted in a refrigeration truck and then parked outside of the embassy. Unfortunately, these two embassies did not meet the newer and stricter security measures of being set back from roadways. The attack on the Tanzanian embassy resulted in 11 deaths and 86 injuries, though none of the victims were Americans. The embassy bombing in Kenya resulted in the deaths of 213 people with over 5,000 injuries. In the Kenyan bombing 12 of the people killed were Americans.

America's Response

The US in cooperation with the government of Tanzania has since broke ground on a new embassy. The US has also indicted Osama Bin Laden as the mastermind behind the embassy attacks and offered a five million dollar reward for his arrest and conviction.

The US attacked Sudan and Afghanistan with cruise missiles as a response to the attacks on the embassies. The US attacked an alleged chemical weapons producing plant in Sudan with 13 cruise missile which resulted in the death of the night watchmen. This attack has come under a great deal of criticism because there has been no corroborating evidence to support the attack. The Afghanistan attack came in the form of over 70 cruise missile at three separate terrorist camps. This attack killed an estimated 24 people but failed to get Osama Bin Laden.